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It is Mango Season in Panama again!
Check out the new Mango Pineapple Marmelade recipe under our food page (link is at the top of this page), as well as other delicious tropical recipes!


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Gourmet Pizza

Gourmet Pizza has been known in Panama over the past couple of years as an easy-going trendy, neighborhood pizza joint with consistently good, thin crust pizza, with fresh and unique toppings such as feta cheese or asparagus. Recently they have expanded their menu and added pastas. On offer are five types of pasta with your choice of four different sauces so that you can mix and match to your taste: Alfredo, Matrichana, Carbonera, and Bolognese; pasta ranges from $6.26. I tested the Matrichana with Tortellini last night and it was very tasty, brimming with vegetables and bacon to give it well rounded smoky flavor.

We often enjoy the savory antipasta appetizer $6, classic Greek salad with loads of feta cheese and black olives served with piping hot pita bread, 5.00.

Among our favorite pizzas are the Primavera (vegetarian with fresh asparagus) which is topped with fresh al dente vegetables; Greek feta cheese and black olives combine to create a uniquely flavored pizza, Hawaiian sweet pineapple and thinly sliced ham plus traditional Pepperoni and Cheese are old standbys, rich melt in your mouth Four Cheese pizza, all available plus many more choices in 3 sizes; priced from $5.75 (10”) to $19.00 (16”). For those watching their calorie counts they offer light pizza, and for those who are not, dessert pizzas such as honey and cinnamon or chocolaty nutella.

They also have a full bar with a simple wine list and if you don´t want to hang out they have take out and home delivery too.

When it is full the noise levels can be high but we love the pizza so much we can tune it out.
Located on Avenida Balboa next to Arrocha Pharmacy on the edge of Paitilla, and across from MultiCentro Mall. Within walking distance from the Plaza Paitilla Hotel, Decapolis Hotel, Sheraton Four Points hotels.
Tel:215-1000, www.goumetpizzapanama.com, Open 11 am till 12am.

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Intimate Space Pompei

Food is delicious, fresh and consistent, moderately priced, served up in a delightfully friendly atmosphere.

I am a confessed Carb Lover. Pasta is my dream food, add fresh jumbo shrimp, or eggplant with rich tomato sauce and you´ve got a fan!

Attilio Real at Pompei Restaurant in Paitilla has made aficionados out of our entire family. Chef Attilio has plenty of experience with North American taste buds, having worked as a Chef at Miami´s famed Tiramisu Restaurant.

An intimate and informal restaurant run by the dazzling duo of Chef Attilio and his wife who runs the front; they aim to please. Give them some notice and they will whip up something special, even without notice Chef will always do his best to accommodate special diets. The friendly and personal service is relaxing, as is the simple and clean interior decorated in shades of buttercup yellow.

We came upon Pompei quite by accident, we had heard some whispers that there was a new spot in the neighborhood and one day were at a loss, I didn´t want to cook so drove over to the unlikely location at the end of Paitilla strip mall.

Chef Attilio has plenty of experience with North American tastebuds, having worked as a Chef at Miami´s famed Tiramisu Restaurant.

Down to the food! I have eaten there many times (10-20) so the menu is familiar to me. Everything I have been served has always been well prepared, fresh, consistent, and delicious. My favorite appetizers are the Bruschetta with freshest of basil and tomatos $5, imported Prosciutto and just off the vine Melon (enough for 2) $10; my favorite salad is the standard Cesar which is crispy fresh with a well balanced dressing $6. For pasta the Penne is my choice with roasted eggplant, tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil $8. Fillet Gorgonzola is scrumptious with the rich taste of gorgonzola melting with the savory and tender beef $15, as are the fresh off the boat Langostinos (jumbo shrimp-they are fished here in Panama so truly are about as fresh as you can get) in roasted pepper and garlic sauce $16. Lasagna with beef and tomato sauce smothered in cheese, a favorite with my son, never fails $8. For dessert the creamy Panna Cotta is simply to die for $3, and the decadent Tiramisu $4 is always delicious. For people looking for huge bowls of pasta, Pompei is not the place. The servings of pasta are well-presented and sufficient; they are intended to be part of the meal (like in Italy) not the entire meal. Attilio creates seasonal specials daily to add delicious variety to the menu. They do not serve pizza.

Besides the food, what makes us return time after time is the family who run it, and their attention to their clients. When Chef Attilio comes out to check on our meals or greet us with his wife Sofia, we feel like we are in Italy and are part of his family.

Wine, they have a small but well chosen selection or you can bring your own for a small corking charge.

Hours: Monday thru Saturday 12:30 to 3:30 pm, 6:30 to 9:30 pm.
Location: Paitilla Mall, just down the street on the left side after the old DO IT Center in Paitilla and Super Kosher.
Reservations: 399-9728
Email: attilioreale@hotmail.com
Prices: Moderate
Parking: Secure parking lot
Exterior Pompei

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Check my new Food! link on this blog (link is at the top of the home page), the section will be devoted to food, in particular food that is suited for the tropics. I have posted Mango recipes this week, and will add other related mango recipes during the week.

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CucumbersYesterday I went to the supermarket. I would have loved to go to the wholesale market but I never go there alone, it is like the wild west over there. So I drove to the supermarket and bought vegetables.

We had decided to try some grilling. I bought fresh cucumbers for a salad with sour cream dressing, and eggplant to grill, as well as fresh tomatoes for a homemade vegetarian pasta sauce. The quality of vegetables here in Panama is AMAZING. Two things were most amazing yesterday, the cucumbers were bursting with juice and snapped when you bit into them. The eggplant once grilled was so intense and rich in flavor, our son said it tasted like beef. Today for dessert I bought fresh strawberries, what a treat-mountain grown here in Panama.

Not to be missed, the taste of fresh Panamanian fruits and vegetables. Mmmm.

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