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Restaurant Segundo Muelle in Panama City

Restaurant Segundo Muelle in Panama City

Loved It!

Excellent Peruvian restaurant in San Fransisco, Panama. We went recently, the service was top notch, the food delicious, elegantly presented, price for Panama City was mid to high depending on what you order, decor modern.

I won´t get into a flowery description of what we ate here because it was all delicious, you can get a better idea from the menu online, complete with photos. Dessert was fabulous, we devoured the “Crocante de Lucuma”.

I will attach the website which has the menu with prices, directions, photos, check it out here:


Location: Calle Crisantemos Nº 16 esquina con calle 68, corregimiento de San Francisco, Ciudad de Panamá.

Tel: (507) 3919234 Fax: (507) 3919235

Reserve via e-mail: sanfrancisco@segundomuelle.com


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