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Panama Flag

Panama Flag

November is a month full of patriotic celebrations and fiestas for Panamanians. Look for the Panama flag flying all over the country and being sold on every major street corner in the city. Listen for marching bands which have been practicing for months. Watch parades during the special holidays.

Monday November 3, 2008: Celebrating independence from Colombia in 1903, and the foundation of the Republic of Panama. Panama was a province of Colombia until then. A huge parade will be held in Panama City. Avoid parade areas if driving because you are sure to be detoured or delayed.

Tuesday November 4: Flag Day. The Panama flag was designed by Manuel Amador.

Wednesday November 5: Panamanians in Colon convinced Colombia not to march on Panama City. It was key to the separation from Colombia.

Monday November 10: Los Santos leaders from La Villa called for independence from Spain on this day in 1821. The area was the center for the movement of independence from Spain.

Friday November 28: In 1821 Panama became independent of Spanish rule and voluntarily joined with Colombia. The final day of November celebrations.

The Panama Flag is divided into four parts, two sections are white and the other two are red and blue. The white parts of the flag has two five pointed stars of red and blue color on each of them. In 1903, the flag became official. The blue rectangle and the blue star is on the hoisted side. The white part stands for peace and the blue star for purity and honesty and the red star law and power. The red and blue star also stands for Liberal party and Conservative party, the two political parties of the Republic of Panama.
After all of the November Holidays, get ready for Mother´s Day in Panama on Monday, December 8th, 2008. It is a full fledged holiday and the biggest day of the year for most Panama restaurants. Many businesses close. More to come on this….


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Vote for Irving Saladino, Gold Medal Winner in Beijing Olympics Athletics Mens Long Jump

Vote for Irving Saladino, Gold Medal Winner in Beijing Olympics Athletics Mens Long Jump

Using the link below, you can VOTE for Panamanian Irving Saladino as 2008 World Athlete of the Year. Everyone can vote. The vote for the 2008 World Athletes of the Year will close at midnight on Sunday, November 9, 2008.

LINK: Athlete of the Year. http://iaaf.org/athletes/athleteoftheyear/index.html

It was a great moment for Panama as the country watched Saladino win the Gold Medal in August. When he returned a National Holiday was declared and people crowded the streets in the pouring rain to welcome him home. Irving Saladino won the Gold Medal in long jump the 18 of August, 2008 in the Olympic Games, Beijing, China, being the first sportsman to ever win the Gold Medal for Panama. He won with a jump of 8.34m.

Watch the Jump: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuqxJY6hOyM&feature=related

Watch the Medal Presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yrChm9bvXk&feature=related

Saladino’s Biography: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irving_Saladino

Le invitamos a accesar la siguiente pagina Web para Votar por nuestro panameño Irving Saladino como Atleta Mundial del Año 2008. La votación cierra medianoche el domingo 9 de noviembre de 2008. El 18 de agosto de 2008 en los Juegos Olimpicos de Pekin 2008, China, con un salto de 8,34m Irving Saladino logró la medalla de oro en salto de longitud, siendo el primer deportista panameño en conseguir subir a lo más alto del podio.

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Moored off Taboga Island Panama today with views from B&B Inn Cerrito Tropical´s balconies is the Amazing Earthrace. This impressive powerboat with its space age wave piercing hull design looked like it had dropped in from outer space.

The crew of Earthrace is relaxing on Taboga Island after transiting the Panama Canal before setting off for the Galapagos Islands.

From the Earthrace website: “The goal of Earthrace was to set a new world record for a powerboat to circumnavigate the globe, running 100% renewable biodiesel fuel, and with a net zero carbon footprint. The amazing Earthrace boat started the attempt on 27 April 2008 from Sagunto in Spain.

After breaking the world record in just 60 days 23 hours and 49 minutes Earthrace returned to Sagunto, Spain on the 27 June 2008, 12.24.00 GMT/14.24.00 CET knocking almost 14 days off the previous record. The journey was almost 24,000 nautical miles fueled by biodiesel to demonstrate the efficiency of, and draw global attention to, the potential for alternative fuel sources.

“This fantastic team of people and our astonishing boat have broken the record by a massive margin” said Pete Bethune, New Zealand skipper and owner of Earthrace, “I finally feel that all the sacrifices made, especially by my wife and daughters, have been worth it. I don’t even know how to begin to thank all the individuals and companies that have supported us along the way, some of them since the very beginning over five years ago. Without them, none of this would have been possible”.”

Learn more about Biofuels from this link on the Earthrace website.

The official fuel sponsor is SGC Energia (SGCE) which is based in Portugal, supplying the 100% biodiesel made from waste cooking oils, and soya bean and canola from sustainable sources. They are supplying fuel for the record attempt, as well as the promotional tour that will follow this years record attempt.

Check the Earthrace website out, a truly impressive undertaking and an amazing powerboat.

What interesting times we live in, there is never a dull moment, especially in Panama!

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We are usually not a news site but since our family is very closely connected to Japan and the Japanese community here in Panama, we decided to post this important bulletin related to both Panama and Japan from the Daily Yomiuri in Tokyo. Because of Panama´s importance in World Trade and strategic position not only for shipping, the Japanese have historically been very generous with both assistance and funding to Panama.

The Daily Yomiuri is one of Japan´s English news sites and a great way to keep up with what is happening in Asia.

Japanese Group to Finance Panama Canal Project

The Yomiuri Shimbun – Japanese financial institutions have agreed in principle with the Panama Canal Authority to provide 800 million dollars for a project to widen the canal to alleviate congestion in it, it was learned Saturday.

According to sources, of the 800 million dollars, the Japan Finance Corporation’s Japan Bank for International Cooperation will provide 400 million dollars, and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. and others will provide the remaining 400 million dollars through joint financing.

The Panama Canal is a major artery connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. However, the canal is chronically congested, causing a wait time of several days for ocean vessels wanting to enter it.

To help solve the problem, excavation of trenches along both sides of the 80-kilometer-long canal began in 2007, to be completed in 2014, the 100th anniversary of the opening of the canal.

The Panama Canal Authority plans to procure 2.3 billion dollars of the total project cost of 5.25 billion dollars from overseas, from such sources as Japanese financial institutions and the Inter-American Development Bank.

The Japanese financial institutions determined they would be able to recoup their loans as the Panama Canal Authority has begun raising the canal’s tolls, according to the JBIC’s Americas Finance Department.

Japan is the third most frequent user of the canal, following the United States and China. A consortium of Taisei Corp. and Mitsubishi Corp., both Japanese companies, and U.S.-based Bechtel Corp. has announced its plan to undertake the widening project.

With its completion, the shipping volume will double in the canal, and more types of vessels will be able to use it, including mid-size oil tankers and liquefied natural gas carriers in addition to the current container vessels.

The project is also expected to drastically reduce the time it takes to transport oil from Latin American countries, which is usually transported via the Cape of Good Hope off South Africa.

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Fresh Corvina (Sea Bass) for lunch at Ranchito del Cerrito.

Fresh Corvina (Sea Bass) for lunch at Ranchito del Cerrito.

Yesterday at B&B Inn Cerrito Tropical we devoured corvina (sea bass) for lunch which was so fresh it was practically still moving when Aristedes brought it back from the beach for our guests. We often have guests who go fishing with a local panga and come home after a few hours with their lunch (Fishing Charters with a local from $50 and up – depends on the number of hours). Aristedes is ready to fillet it and cook it up with his signature Creole and Garlic Butter Sauces.

American Expats Enjoying a Great Corvina (Sea Bass) Lunch on their Taboga Escape under Ranchito del Cerrito.

American Expats Enjoying a Great Corvina (Sea Bass) Lunch on their Taboga Escape under Ranchito del Cerrito.

A group of American friends came to Taboga on a mini-vacation and reserved with private chef Aristedes and enjoyed a delicious Corvina lunch with wine under Ranchito del Cerrito They had such a good time under the Ranchito they didn´t even make it to the beach!

For the freshest fish and most comfortable rooms to spend a few days by the beach, reserve in advance at B&B Inn Cerrito Tropical! Tel: 6489-0074 Under 1 hour from Panama City by Calypso Ferry to Taboga Panama.

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Technical Stuff:

For Destination Panama Blog readers who have our web address listed in their bookmarks or elsewhere, last weekend we changed our domain to : http//destination-panama-blog.com

Anyone using the old address will be automatically redirected to the new one.

Thanks for reading!

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Press Release
Source: Cerrito Tropical, Taboga Panama
October 17, 2008


RANCHITO del CERRITO is now open and ready to book Events or Casual Meeting Retreats. Offering Ocean and Garden Views from the Ranchito* as well as friendly, experienced, service personnel (remember, it´s not New York, this is kicked back and relaxed “island style”).

*Ranchito: An open area with a roof usually located in the countryside similar to cabaña, gazebo or palapa. Nowadays “ranchito” is often used as a name for casual restaurants.

This past weekend Ranchito del Cerrito held its special opening event. Ranchito del Cerrito is the newest addition to B&B Inn Cerrito Tropical Panama on Taboga Island. Created to offer more opportunities for guests and event hosts to enjoy the relaxing side of Panama while still having the flexibility of being close to Panama City. Groups can charter a private boat from Calypso to take them to Taboga, enjoy time at the beach and end their day with a private BBQ party before returning to Panama City. Or some guests may choose to stay over and vacation at B&B Inn Cerrito Tropical.

Relax and unwind by the beach in B&B Inn Cerrito Tropical on Taboga Island Panama.

Relax and unwind by the beach in B&B Inn Cerrito Tropical on Taboga Island Panama.

RANCHITO del CERRITO during a final construction meeting.

Ranchito del Cerrito Event Area during a construction meeting on Taboga.

Ranchito del Cerrito Event Area during a construction meeting on Taboga.

Reducing the stress in the hammocks before the opening BBQ event.

“Ranchito del Cerrito Recommendation for Stress Management:
Relax and unwind by the beach as guests of the B&B Inn Cerrito Tropical on Taboga Island Panama. Travel by scenic Calypso Ferry trip in 1 hour from Panama City. The local islander´s attitude for life: “No Stress, Amigo!””. B&B Inn Cerrito Tropical

Relaxing at RANCHITO del CERRITO on Taboga.

Relaxing at RANCHITO del CERRITO on Taboga.

The opening event lasted well into the night with music and great food. Attendees feasted on Guest Chef Fred´s 100% Homemade Southern Smoked BBQ and continued the next day when Private Chef Aristedes prepared his specialty, fresh corvina with signature creole sauce, coconut rice, and flan de la casa.

RANCHITO DEL CERRITO Opening BBQ, featuring Fred´s 100% homeade Southern smoked BBQ.

RANCHITO DEL CERRITO Opening BBQ, featuring Fred´s 100% homeade Southern smoked BBQ.

To hear more about the possibilities for any event, retreat or reunion you are planning let Cerrito Tropical know and they will customize a package to suit the occassion. To learn more about relaxing on a quaint Pacific beach island, check: the Cerrito website which has much more info on Taboga, Panama, thier B&B Inn, accommodation, activities, Calypso ferry schedules, and more.

NOTES FROM THE LITTLE HILLSIDE (CERRITO): “Many people write and ask us: What is Taboga Island Panama Really Like?
Here´s our view from Cerrito:
Taboga can be compared to a relaxed, stress free, Caribbean beach island blended with a Mediterranean fishing village, then picked up by the island gods and dropped into the Pacific only 1 hour from Panama City. Even many of the Caribbean Pirates made Taboga their Pacific base!” B&B Inn Cerrito Tropical

VISIT: If visitors or future event organizers are interested to check out Ranchito del Cerrito, reserve a lunch with Private Chef Aristedes to check out the RANCHITO personally, B&B Inn Cerrito Tropical (Tel:6489-0074). Prices from $6 – $10 pp for lunch or dinner.

For more information on events, fiestas, relaxing, Day Packages, and a no stress vacation, check the website: www.cerritotropicalpanama.com.
Tel: 507-6489-0074; 507-390-8999
Email: info@cerritotropicalpanama.com

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