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This was our first visit to The Palms in Panama City. We loved it. Elegant decor, relaxing atmosphere, attentive service, creative and delicious food. An excellent location for a special date, dinner meeting, or to simply enjoy some elegant, fine dining in Panama.

We started with a full red wine from Spain; Protos Cosecha Roble $6 per glass. They also offered an extensive wine list. Before the meal we were brought a bread basket of fresh homeade breads and breadsticks which we devoured. Then I savored the delicate Mesclun salad with pear, nuts and goat cheese ($8). For my main dish, I chose the rabbit filled with dates and basil accompanied by a mixed vegetable tart ($17). My husband, who leans toward more a more traditional tastes, ordered beef medallions in a three pepper and coffee sauce, served with vegetables and mashed potatoes ($17). Our friend ordered robalo fish in calamari ink, served with ricotta and spinach canelloni (it looked really interesting and delicious) ($18).

The portions were generous, so we had no space for dessert but we have already decided to return.

They have a great website to peruse. Plenty of sharp, professional photos, and the menu is listed.
Calle 48, Bella Vista (off Uruguay)

Tel: 265-PALM / 265-7256


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Just a quick note to let readers in on my latest find; Ma Maison on Calle 49 in Panama City is a delightful stop for a drink or afternoon tea. A group of friends stopped by Ma Maison Wine Bar the other evening while we waited for La Posta (also a great restaurant located in an old mansion) to open for the evening.

We were pleasantly surprised with the comfortable decor in the old home converted into a Lounge Bar. Plenty of choice in the wine menu, while I did not read it from end to end every wine lover would be sure to find something to their liking. I had the French house wine, which was nicely chilled, dry and refreshing $3.50. My friend had a martini and she enjoyed it completely to the last drop; she is very particular about her martinis and did not make a peep about it so it passed the test.

Service was prompt and friendly. They cater events as well, and I was told that they have live music from time to time. Check it out.

Ma Maison
Calle 49 off Calle Uruguay
Email: mamaison@cableonda.net

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Lynn Kane, Masseuse
Lynn originally studied massage in Houston, Texas. Through her global travels, her massage now includes traditional plus Thai methods, as well as Japanese techniques she learned from a sensei in Yokohama, and some energy therapy. Before she moved to Panama, Lynn returned to her school in Houston to take a practical refresher. Lynn works out of Bella Vista in Panama City; $30 a session. If a client has their own table, she´ll go to their home within city limits for $40.

Lynn Kane

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Tomorrow evening, June 26th, 2008, Cynthia Mulder of Cerrito Tropical will be a guest on KYS 104.3 between 6 and 7 PM and will chat with Ursula Kiener Ford about opening a small business in Panama, and how she and her husband got started with their Bed & Breakfast Cerrito Tropical on Taboga Island.

KYS 104.3 is a new radio station in Panama with an adult contemporary theme; listen in from Monday to Thursday from 6 -7 PM. Ursula´s co-host on the show is Jacob – the editor of the English publication The Visitor.

The regular talk show is mixed with some musical interludes. Subjects range from real estate, tourism, what is going on in Panama, how to invest, health, the news, etc.

Ursula Keiner Ford

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logo, Living Room

is a dynamic and interactive lifestyle guide where you will find interesting information on relevant topics along with the hottest music to start your day. This show is targeted towards English speaking foreigners living in Panama, as well as bilingual Panamanians eager to have a new option in radio.

DJ Nikki

THE LIVING ROOM is transmitted through the Power 92 signal (92.1FM) that covers Panama, Colon and beaches and through the website, www.921power.com. They are running on a Monday though Friday, 8am-10am prime time schedule.

Segments include, Easy Living (tips on relocating and information on Panamanian culture), The Zone Outdoors (where to go for tours and information on extreme sports), The Zone (where to go for concerts, cultural activities and more), Odd News (curious & actually real stories), Where To Buy (information and tips on the real estate industry and projects), On A Day Like Today (celebrity birthdays and special events) and Spaces (tips on decorating, health facts and more).

Tune in every weekday morning.

Alejandra Damián “DJ Nikki”
Host & Marketing Coordinator – Presentadora y Coordinadora de Mercadeo
The Living Room & Power 92
92.1fm / 921power.com

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Taboga Fishing
Written and submitted by Lynn:

There’s fishing, then there’s fishing off Taboga. Imagine, if you will, a spectacular sunrise off the starboard side of the boat, captained by Federiko, as you head for a not so distant island to drop your line in the hopes of that familiar tug which translates to, “Fish on!”. Forget the hope, it’s a promise here. Oh wait, maybe I’m being presumptuous since I *am* the Island Fishing Goddess. Such a burden to bear.

Now that I’ve completely jinxed myself – all true fishermen know of what I speak (spoken as an original Ocean Girl, politically correct terms do NOT apply on the high seas, whatever for?) – I’ll make the appropriate sacrifices tomorrow and get back to the business at hand, i.e. catching fish …. but, I digress.

Fishing – Needle Fish are abundant and fun to catch (on or off shore) . Sierra (Spanish Mackerel) are prettier and taste better (personal preference) & Federiko knows the spots. February & March are when fish are most likely to be in these waters, however, with the addition of one’s lucky fishing hat, a sierra can soon be on board regardless of the month.

Federiko is exceptionally knowledgeable re local waters (fishing, snorkeling, diving). Fishing rates are very competitive and range from $50 and up, and are negotiable. Spanish & English speaking. A deal!!
Fishing Secrets – Nu-uh …. I’ll give up my brother before I’ll give up my secrets.

Fishing from shore – The traditional way of fishing uses just a line, hook & some bait. What a blast! Once you quit hitting yourself with the sardine & actually get some distance and eventually land your first fish, nothing beats it. Locations: Taboga Island pier and shore, El Morro Island.

Fishing by boat – Used a rod with fresh sardines as bait. Also tried lures but good old fashioned bait worked just as well. Locations: Around Taboga, El Morro and Taboguilla Islands.

Written from the oceanview deck of B&B Cerrito Tropical ; Contact Cerrito for more information:
Email: info@cerritotropicalpanama.com
Webpage: www.cerritotropicalpanama.com
Tel-Cell: 6489-0074

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Head for fishing on Taboga. Lynn, one of our guests at Cerrito Tropical Bed & Breakfast on Taboga Island, has been having great success this week with the underwater creatures of the island. She loves Taboga Island and says she is biased towards Cerrito Tropical (which doubles as her favorite fishing camp) and Taboga because of the fabulous fishing vacation she had just over a year ago. That time she caught a number of glorious specimens (red snapper, corvina, and several others of which the name evades me at the moment) with her local guide Federiko.

So Lynn has returned for a couple of weeks of fishing from Canada to reclaim her self proclaimed title as Taboga´s Fishing Goddess.


Just yesterday she went out with Federiko again for several hours and called excitedly to tell me she had received a large lobster gift from the Sea Goddess (not to be confused with the Fishing Goddess-Lynn) which was caught in a net on one of the offshore islands near Taboga. Just big enough for her lunch!!! Along with the lobster, she caught several large mackerel which I am hoping she will share with us at our BBQ tomorrow. Grilled with lemon please! Unfortunately she did not save the lobster to share.

Even though she would not share her lobster, Lynn has happily agreed to share some of her fishing secrets with us. She agreed, so later this week keep tuned for an update to this fishing flash. Sorry, she will not share her secret fishing song but will tell us some of her favorite haunts and fishing tips. Lynn fishes both from the shore with a handline, and with her local guide Federiko. Courtesy of Lynn, Cerrito Tropical and our favorite fishing guide Federiko.


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